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Owner's of the Magnavox VCR ZV427MG9 gave it a score of 3.8 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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Symptom Remedy
There is no sound or the sound is
• The HDMI sound is not output when “HDMI Audio” is set to “OFF”.
• Check the RCA audio cable connection. If you are using HDMI-DVI
conversion cable, you must connect the RCA audio cable, too.
• Check whether the output format of this unit (HDMI FORMAT) matches
the supported input format of other connected device.
There is no picture. • If you connect the cable to S-VIDEO OUT/ COMPONENT VIDEO OUT /
HDMI OUT jack, try connecting it to AUDIO / VIDEO OUT jack instead.
Picture noise appears. • Head cleaning for VCR may be necessary. Refer to “Auto head cleaning”
(page 5).
• Adjust tracking control for better picture by pressing [TRACKING
/ ]
while you are playing back a cassette tape.
The cassette tape does not play back. • No cassette tape is inserted.
Recording does not start after you
press [REC I].
• Make sure the cassette tape has a erase-protection tab when you record
to a cassette tape. If needed, cover the hole with cellophane tape.
The remote control does not function. • Check if a cassette tape is in this unit.
The motor rotates even when
playback / recording is stopped.
• The motor may rotate for the duration of approximately 5 minutes for
efficient operation. This is not a malfunction.
Frequently Asked Questions
– Can I record to CD-RW/-R? No, this unit records only DVD.
– Can I play back DVD-video that is bought in another
Possible when the region code of the disc is 1 and All.
– Can I connect the unit to my PC? No, you cannot control the unit by PC.
– Can I program a timer recording with external tuner? Yes, you can. Select “E1” or “E2” as your recording
channel, and leave the external tuner on (pages 13, 28-
– Can I record one channel while watching another
channel using an external tuner?
It depends on your connection configurations. For more
details, please kindly contact at your local store.
– Can I change the channels on the external tuner using
the remote control of this unit?
No. Changing the channels on the external tuner using
this unit’s remote control is not possible. You need to use
the remote control supplied with the external tuner to
change the channels on the external tuner.
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