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Owner's of the Magnavox VCR ZV427MG9 gave it a score of 3.8 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
  • Reliability

    3.82 out of 5
  • Durability

    3.85 out of 5
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    3.7 out of 5
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    3.92 out of 5
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    3.62 out of 5
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30 EN30 EN
Checking, canceling, or correcting the timer
programming information
If the timer program did not complete correctly,
the error number appears in the timer pro-
gramming list.
1) Press [TIMER SET].
will disappear on the front panel display.
2) Press [TIMER].
3) Check the information on the list you will need.
Timer Programming
TUE JAN/01 11:00AMSP (1:00)
JAN/ 2/08 12:00 AM E1 SP
Date Start End E1/E2
JAN/02 12:00AM 1:00AM E1
New Program
4-A) To delete the timer program:
1 Use [K / L] to select the program you want to
delete, then press [OK].
2 Use [K / L] to select “Delete”, then press [OK].
Confirmation window will appear.
3 Use [K / L] to select “Yes”, then press [OK].
4-B) To correct the timer program:
1 Use [K / L] to select the program you want to
correct, then press [OK].
2 Use [K / L] to select “Program Change”, then
press [OK].
3 Correct the timer program by using
[K / L / { / B], then press [OK].
5) Press [TIMER] to exit.
6) Press [TIMER SET] to return to the timer standby
• Press [TIMER] to check the timer recording in progress.
When the timer recording is proceeding, that
program will be highlighted with red. In this case,
you cannot select any other program.
Timer Programming
WED JAN/02 11:00AM
Date Start End E1/E2
E41 JAN/02 12:00AM 1:00AM E1
New Program
Each error number means:
Recording error other
than below
E41 Power failed
E24 Unrecordable disc E42 No disc when
E25-26 Copy prohibited
E43 Already 49 titles
E29 Disc protected E44 Already 254 chapters
E30 Disc full E45 Copy prohibited
E35 PCA full *1 E46 It is impossible to
record additionally
on a disc recorded
by other units
when setting “
Make Recording
Compatible” to “OFF”.
E36 Already finalized
video format disc
E40 Some portion has
not been recorded
because of program
Recording did not
start at the starting
• E23, E27, E28, E31, E32, E33 and E34 are not displayed.
• A program with the error number is grayed in the timer
programming list.
• Once the timer programming list with error line(s) is
displayed, or after canceling and setting again the timer
standby mode, the program line(s) with error will be
*1 PCA is a disc's space reserved for recording test.
Press [STOP C] on the front panel to stop the disc
Press [STOP C/EJECT A] on the front panel to stop the
cassette tape recording.
[STOP C] on the remote control is not effective.
To stop the timer recording in progress
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