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A simple 1-cable connection with a device having an
HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) connector
allows digital transfer of both digital video signals and
multi-channel audio signals.
HDMI cable
this unit
Cables not included.
Please purchase the necessary cables at your local store.
When connecting with an HDMI cable, the audio signal
will be output as the digital audio signal simultaneously,
so you do not need the analog audio connection
described on page 16.
*HDMI: High Definition Multimedia Interface
Copyright protection system
To play back the digital video images of a DVD via an HDMI connection, it is necessary that both the player and the
display device (or an AV amplifier) support a copyright protection system called HDCP (high-bandwidth digital
content protection system). HDCP is copy protection technology that comprises data encryption and authentication
of the connected AV device. This unit supports HDCP. Please read the operating instructions of your display device
(or AV amplifier) for more information.
• Because HDMI is an evolving technology, it is possible
that some devices with an HDMI input may not
operate properly with this unit.
• When using an HDCP-incompatible display device, the
image will not be viewed properly.
• Among the devices that support HDMI, some devices
can control other devices via the HDMI connector;
however, this unit cannot be controlled by another
device via the HDMI connector.
• The audio signals from the HDMI connector (including
the sampling frequency, the number of channels and bit
length) maybe limited by the device that is connected.
• Among the monitors that support HDMI, some do not
support audio output (for example, projectors). In
connections with device such as this unit, audio signals
are not output from the HDMI output connector.
• When this unit’s HDMI connector is connected to a
DVI-D compatible monitor (HDCP compatible) with an
HDMI-DVI converter cable, the signals are output in
digital RGB.
• When the power failure occurs, or when you unplug
the unit, some problems in the HDMI setting might
occur. Please check and set the HDMI setting again.
• When the unit is connected with an HDMI cable, a
revocation list update screen may appear when you try
to play back the DVD-video containing a revocation list.
If the unit is connected to the unauthorized display device
with an HDMI cable, the audio/video signal may not be
output when playing back a commercial DVD-video.
Audio recording format of the disc Dolby Digital setting of this unit Actual output
Dolby Digital
PCM 2channel PCM
Stream Dolby Digital
2channel PCM
For audio CD and MP3 files, 2 channel PCM will be output regardless of the “Dolby Digital” setting.
If the connected device is not compatible with HDMI BITSTREAM, audio will be output as PCM even if you select
“Stream” in “Dolby Digital” setting (Refer to page 70).
Actual Output Modes by Media
Available for DVD only
HDMI Mode and Actual Output Signals
Press [HDMI] to select the HDMI output mode. The
output mode changes as follows every time [HDMI] is
Front Panel Display Video Output Signal
480 Progressive
Press [HDMI]
720 Progressive
Press [HDMI]
1080 interlaced
Press [HDMI]
1080 Progressive
Press [HDMI]
• The HDMI mode that is not supported by display
device will be skipped.
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