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Before you play back DVD, read the following information.
This unit is compatible to play back the following discs.
To play back a DVD, make sure that it meets the requirements
for region codes and color systems as described below. You
can play back discs that have the following logos will play back
on the unit. Other disc types are not guaranteed to play back.
Playable Discs and Files
DVD is recorded in different color systems throughout the
world. The most common color system is NTSC (which is
used primarily in the United States and Canada).
This unit uses NTSC, so DVD you play back must be recorded
in the NTSC system. You cannot play back DVD recorded in
other color systems.
Color Systems
Region Codes
The contents of DVD are generally divided into titles. Titles
may be further subdivided into chapters.
Hint for DVD Playback
You can select images or information on the menu screen by
activating the PBC (playback control) function of the video CD.
This unit conforms to ver.1.1 and ver. 2.0 of video CD
standard with PBC function.
Ver.1.1 (without PBC function): You can enjoy playback
picture as well as music CD.
Ver.2.0 (with PBC function): While using a video CD with PBC
function, “PBC” appears on the TV screen.
• PBC setting turns to “ON” when loading video CD with
PBC function, thus, even after setting PBC to “OFF” and
ejecting the video CD then reloading the video CD, this
setting turns to “ON” automatically.
Some operations cannot be performed while PBC function
is on. Cancel PBC function temporarily to perform those
operations by following the instruction below.
1) Press [SETUP].
2) Use [K / L] to select “CD Playback Mode”, then press [OK].
“CD Playback Mode” menu will appear.
3) Use [K / L] to select “PBC (Video CD only)”, then press [OK].
4) Use [K / L] to select “ON” or “OFF”, then press [OK].
Your setting will be activated.
You can play back interactive software using menu screens.
Refer to instructions in the video CD.
PBC (playback control) for Video CD
LogosPlayable discs
MediaPlayable les
CD-DA (audio CD)
video CD
(Finalized video mode discs only)
(Finalized video mode discs only)
is a trademark of DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation.
This unit has been designed to play back DVD with
region 1. DVD must be labeled for ALL regions or
for region 1 in order to play back on the unit. You
cannot play back DVD that are labeled for other
regions. Look for the symbols on the right on your
DVD. If these region symbols do not appear on your
DVD, you cannot play back the DVD in this unit.
The number inside the globe refers to region of the world.
A DVD labeled for a specific region can only play back on the
unit with the same region code.
The following discs will not play back on this unit.
• Compact Disc-Interactive (CD-I)
• DVD-RAM • Video Single Disc (VSD)
• DVD-ROM • DVD-audio
• Unfinalized disc
• DVD contains MP3 and DVD or CD contains Windows
Media™ Audio/JPEG files
• DVD-R or DVD-RW recorded in VR mode or non compatible
recording format
• Blu-ray Disc • HD DVD
On the following disc, the sound may not be heard.
• Super audio CD - Only the sound on the CD layer can be
heard. The sound on the high-density super audio CD layer
cannot be heard.
Unplayable Discs
title 1 title 2
chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3
audio CD, video CD
track 1 track 2 track 3 track 4 track 5
folder 1 folder 2
file 1 file 2 file 3 file 4 file 5
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