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Owner's of the Magnavox VCR ZV427MG9 gave it a score of 3.8 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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Hints for Timer Recording
When the starting time is the same:
A program set previously (PROG. A) has priority.
The rst 2 minutes (at the longest) will be cut o.
The Priority of Overlapped Settings
Note for DVD recording
• When the recording time of 2 programs are overlapped, or
the ending time of a program and the starting time of
another program is the same, the first 2 minutes (at the
longest) of the subsequent program will be cut off.
• If the cut-off portion comes up to 3 minute or more, this
program will be displayed with error number E40 in the
timer programming list.
The rst 2 minutes (at the longest) will be cut o.
When the ending time of the programming
currently being recorded and the starting time
of the subsequent program are same:
The beginning of the PROG. B may be cut o.
• If there is a power failure or this unit has been
unplugged for more than 30 seconds, the clock setting
and all timer programming will be lost.
• If a disc is not inserted, "DVD" on the front panel display
flashes and timer recording cannot be performed. In some
will appear momentarily around the start point as
the unit attempts to record. Please insert a recordable disc.
• If a cassette tape with a erase-protection tab is not in the
cassette compartment or there is no cassette tape in the
cassette compartment, “VCR” on the front panel display
flashes and timer recording cannot be performed. Please
insert a recordable cassette tape.
• If you press [TIMER SET] and turn on the unit while
either DVD or VCR is in timer standby mode,
disappears. In this case, you cannot change the mode
between DVD and VCR. You cannot change any settings
using [SETUP] or edit discs.
• When all the timer recording is completed, flashes. To
play back or eject the recorded disc, press [TIMER SET]
first, then select the recorded title and press [PLAY B],
or [OPEN/CLOSE A] to remove the disc.
• If both DVD and VCR are timer programmed, you cannot
use any functions for either unit during timer standby or
timer recording. If you want to use functions other than
recording under such condition, cancel timer recording
by pressing [TIMER SET] during timer standby or stop
recording by pressing [STOP C] on the front panel
during timer recording.
• To cancel the timer standby mode, press [TIMER SET].
• When the starting and the ending time are the same, the
length of the recording will be set for 24 hours. When
the disc or cassette tape becomes full during the
recording, the unit turns itself off.
• When the programmed starting and ending time are
earlier than the current time, the setting will not be
• If the starting time is earlier and the ending time is later
than the current time, the recording will start right after
you turn the power off.
• The timer recording cannot be performed in DVD and
VCR at the same time. If you set 2 programming with the
same channel and time in both devices, the program
with a lower program number will be recorded.
• Timer program which has the earlier starting time will be placed first in the timer program list, and be given priority
over the programs with the later starting time when timer programs overlap.
• When timer programs overlap, the first 2 minutes (at the longest) of the later recording will be cut off.
• When two or more timer programs have the same starting time, the program set first will be given priority.
• A timer recording of lower priority will be canceled or start from the middle.
• Check the overlapped timer programmings and change the priority if necessary.
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