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Using the Title / Disc Menu
DVD or video CD with PBC function may contain a title
list, which describes the contents of the disc, or a disc
menu, which guides you through the available functions
in the disc.
Press [DVD] first.
1) Press [TITLE] or [DISC MENU] to call up the title list
or disc menu.
2) Use [K / L / { / B] to make a selection, and then
press [OK] to enable your selection.
3) Press [STOP C] to exit.
Press [DVD] first.
1) During playback, press [PAUSE F].
Playback will be paused and sound will be muted.
2) Press [PLAY B] to return to the normal playback.
• You can select a numbered menu with [the Number
buttons] also.
• Menus vary among discs. Refer to the information
accompanying the disc for details.
[TITLE] or [DISC MENU] will not always be active
with all DVD.
• For video CD, when “PBC (Video CD only)” in “CD
Playback Mode” menu is “ON”, the video CD main
menu will appear when inserting a disc.
• On DVD, set “Still Mode” to “Field” in “Playback”
menu if pictures in the pause mode are blurred.
(Refer to page 74.)
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