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VCR Functions
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1) Press [STANDBY-ON y] on the remote control or
the front panel of the unit.
When you are playing back a cassette tape, turn the TV
on and be sure to select the input to which the unit is
Press [VCR].
2) Insert a prerecorded cassette tape. Press [PLAY B]
to begin playback.
3) During playback, press [PAUSE F].
Playback will pause and sound will be muted.
4) Press [PLAY B] to resume playback.
5) Press [STOP C] to stop playback.
6) Press [STOP C / EJECT A] on the front panel of the
unit to eject the cassette tape.
• When a cassette tape without erase-protection tab is
inserted, the unit will start playback automatically.
• Tracking will be automatically adjusted upon
playback. To adjust the tracking manually, press
/ ].
Press [VCR] first.
Before recording, make sure:
• The appropriate external input position (E1/E2) to which
your external tuner is connected is selected by pressing
• There is a cassette tape with a erase-protection tab in
the unit.
• The desired recording mode is selected in SP (standard
playback) or SLP (super long playback) mode by
pressing [REC MODE].
Recording mode:
Tape speed Recording / playback time
Type of tape T60 T120 T160
SP mode 1hour 2hours 2-2/3hours
SLP mode 3hours 6hours 8hours
• Refer to pages 28-31 for instructions on timer recording.
1) Press [REC I] to begin the recording.
To temporarily stop recording or to resume it, press
[PAUSE F]. After the unit has been in pause mode for
5 minutes, it will stop automatically to protect the
cassette tape and the video head from damage.
2) Press [STOP C] when the recording is completed.
Accidental erasure prevention
To prevent accidental recording on a
recorded cassette tape, remove its erase-
protection tab. To record on it later, cover
the hole with cellophane tape.
erase-protection tab
One-touch Timer Recording (OTR)
This feature allows you to set the recording length simply
by pressing [REC I] on the remote control.
Press [VCR] first.
1) During normal recording, press [REC I] to begin
the one-touch timer recording.
You can select a fixed recording time by pressing
[REC I] repeatedly.
(0:30) (1:00)
(Normal recording)
When the one-touch timer recording is finished, the
unit will turn off automatically.
To change the recording length during the one-touch
timer recording, press [REC I] repeatedly until the
desired length appear.
To cancel the one-touch timer recording within the
specified time, press [STOP C].
• To see the remaining recording time on the TV
screen during the one-touch timer recording, press
• You cannot pause the one-touch timer recording.
• If VCR the one-touch timer recording is completed
during DVD playback or recording, the VCR will be in
stop mode and the DVD keeps the current mode.
• Unlike a timer recording, you can perform the
following operations during the one-touch timer
- Turning off the power to stop one-touch timer
- Using [REC I] or [STOP C].
• When the one-touch timer recording is finished and
the power is turned off, the unit will switch to the
standby mode automatically if a timer recording has
been programmed. Press [TIMER SET] to cancel the
standby mode for using the unit continuously.
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