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Steaming Vegetables, Poultry, Seafood
or Hard Cooked Eggs
Place indicated amount of water into the Rice Cooking Bowl. The amount needed will vary according to the
type of food being cooked. Arrange foods in a single layer in the steaming tray. Vegetables should be cut in
similar sizes as indicated. Cooking times are approximate and will yield cooked but crisp/tender
vegetables. Add more time for more tender/softer vegetables or cut back on time for crispier vegetables
to taste.
Rice Cooker must be unplugged immediately after vegetables have finished cooking to prevent overcooking.
If cooking vegetables over rice, use chart to determine approximately when to add steaming tray to Rice
Cooker. Serve steamed vegetables immediately or plunge into ice water to stop cooking to use in salads
and other cold preparations.
Food Amount Preparation Water
Cooking Time
Asparagus 4 ozs. 3-inch cut 1 1/2C 9-10 minutes
Broccoli 4 ozs. 1-1/2-2 inch flowerets 1 1/2C 11 minutes
Carrots – Baby 8 ozs. Whole 1 1/2C 15 minutes
Carrots – sliced 8 ozs. 1/4-inch slice 1 1/2C 15 minutes
Green Beans 4 ozs. 1-1-/2 inch slice 1 1/2C 8-9 minutes
Peas, Snow 4 ozs. Whole, tipped & topped, strings removed 1 1/2C 11 minutes
Peas, Edible Pod 4 ozs. Whole, tipped & topped, strings removed 1 1/2C 10 – 11 minutes
Potatoes, New
8 ozs. Quartered 2C 23-24 minutes
(1-1/2” diameter)
12 ozs. 3/4-inch dice 2C 23-24 minutes
Sweet Potatoes 8 ozs. Peeled, 1/2-inch dice 2C 18-19 minutes
6 ozs. Halve lengthwise, 3/4-inch slices 1 1/2C 11 minutes
yellow squash
Chicken/Turkey 8 ozs. Cut in pieces, 1/2" x 1/2" x 3"
1 1/2C 12-15 minutes
Fresh (Maximum) – lightly coat in olive oil
Sausages, Smoked 8-12 ozs. Cut in 1/2 inch Slices 1 1/2C 12-15 minutes
Shrimp 8 ozs.
1 1/2C
12-15 minutes
may be seasoned with herbs or prepared
+ 1T
(will depend on
seafood seasoning such as Old Bay
size of shrimp).
(spray steaming tray with cooking spray) Stir after 10 min.
Scallops, sea 8 ozs.
Season as desired
1 1/2C 10-15 minutes(spray steaming tray with cooking spray or
line with leaf lettuce)
Fin fish
8 ozs.
Cut in 1-1/2 inch squares
1 1/2C 10-15 minutes(Salmon, Haddock arrange on lettuce leaves or
Cod, Sea Bass, etc.) parchment rounds in steaming tray
Eggs, Large 4 In shells 1 1/2C
21 minutes
(place in ice
water immediately
to stop cooking)
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