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Microwaveable hot cereals can be cooked directly in the cereal bowl and make cleaning up easy.
Frozen Foods
A large variety of frozen foods, special dishes and dinners are available and the selections continue to increase. The
market is changing rapidly, therefore it is impossible to list the foods and types available and recommend cooking
procedures. In this book we can only give general directions to assist you.
T.V. Dinners
To prepare a T.V. dinner, follow the maker’s instructions for use with microwave ovens. To cook a T.V. dinner will require
approximately five to seven minutes for the food to thaw and heat to serving temperature (depending on the types of
food). Allow plastic wrap to remain over the dish for two minutes to allow heat to equalize. Dinners that contain mashed
potatoes have presented a bit of a problem due to the large compact mass of this particular food. You may want to
remove about half the mashed potatoes after defrosting is started, then spread the remaining potatoes over the individual
section of the tray. Heat the removed mashed potatoes in an individual dish. For foods that should be crisp when cooking
is completed, remove the plastic wrap and use the broiler of a conventional range to crisp the food.
Individual Frozen Foods
These may be commercially prepared or frozen at home. Place the container of frozen food in the oven and heat only
until the food starts to defrost and can be removed easily. Empty contents into a casserole or serving dish and continue to
defrost and heat. Do not heat foods in deep foil containers. To crisp and brown special toppings, use the broiler of a
conventional range. If allowed to heat to serving temperature in a plastic container, the container will warp or melt from
the high heat of food.
Frozen Foods in Cooking Pouches or Boilable Bags
To prepare these foods, slit the plastic bag. An X-type cut will help remove the food at the end of cooking time. Place the
cut side down on a serving dish (with no metal trim). Heat foods other than vegetables for about three minutes. Frozen
vegetables require about eight to nine and a half minutes of cooking time. Allow the pouch bag to remain over the food for
about two minutes to allow time for the heat to equalize. Foods prepared in cheese or white sauce should be removed
from the pouch and placed in a glass casserole dish and stirred to prevent overcooking of the sauce around the edges of
the dish.
Complete Meals from Table Leftovers
Complete meals from leftovers can be prepared in advance. Foods can be frozen and ready for quick heating in the oven
at any time. Choose foods suitable for freezing and put serving portions on paper, glass or china (no metal trim) plates.
Wrap with recommended freezer paper and freeze quickly. When apportioning the servings of food on the plate, use
approximately the same amount of each kind of food for more even heating. Mashed potatoes will heat quicker if spread
slightly and hollowed, with a pat of butter in the center. To prevent small pieces of vegetables, corn, peas, etc., from
dehydrating during heating, mound well near the center of the plate.