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blade stops rotating, remove the cover, then the bowl lid and clean
the bowl and lid with the spatula.
Q: Why did the unit stop during steaming?
A: The steam/bottle warming chamber may be empty. Add more
water to the steam chamber.
Q: Why is there a white residue coming out of the steam/bottle
warming chamber?
A: Mineral-rich water causes calcium deposits to build up in the
steam/bottle warming chamber. The unit should be cleaned out
once a month to avoid this buildup. See decalci cation section in
Cleaning and Maintenance, next page. To help prevent/minimize
this buildup, fresh or puri ed water can be used.
Q: Why is the milk bottle too hot or too cold?
A: Because there are so many variables when warming bottles, ad-
justments to the water amounts in the instruction booklet may be
necessary. If the bottle was too hot try adding less water next time.
If it was too cold try adding more water next time.
Always make sure the appliance is unplugged before you start
cleaning it.
Cleaning accessories and motor base
Rinse the work bowl, bowl lid and steam blade immediately after
each use so food won’t dry on them. All can be washed with warm
soapy water or on the top rack of the dishwasher.
Avoid leaving blade in soapy water where it may disappear from
sight. Wash the blade carefully.
If you have a dishwasher, you can wash the bowl lid, steam blade
and spatula on the top rack.
Insert the work bowl upside down and the cover right side up. You
may put the steam blade and spatula in the cutlery basket. Unload
the dishwasher carefully to avoid contact with the sharp blade.
Wipe the motor base clean with a damp sponge or cloth. Dry it im-
mediately. Never submerge the motor base or the plug in water or
other liquids.
Decalcifi cation
Decalci cation refers to the removal of calcium deposits that form
over time.These deposits can cause damage to the machine. To
avoid buildup of calcium, the unit should be decalci ed once a
To decalcify, pour a mixture of 100ml of water and 100 ml of white
(distilled) vinegar into the steam/bottle warming chamber. Leave for
the night and then empty the next morning. Rinse the unit with wa-
ter after you empty the unit of the water/vinegar mixture to ensure it
is properly rinsed out.
The Cuisinart Baby
Food Maker & Bottle Warmer stores neatly
on the countertop in a minimum of space. When it is not in use,
make sure to empty any leftover water from the unit and leave it
unplugged. The hidden cord storage underneath the motor base will
help keep excess cord off the countertop. Store the unit assembled
to prevent loss of parts. Store the blades as you would sharp
knives – out of the reach of children.
The Cuisinart Baby
Food Maker & Bottle Warmer is intended for
HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY. Any service other than cleaning and
normal user maintenance should be performed by an authorized
Cuisinart Service Representative.