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Owner's of the Cuisinart Frozen Dessert Maker ICE-45 gave it a score of 4.4 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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6. Turn the power dial to the ON position.
Mixing arm will begin to turn.
7. Add ingredients to the freezer bowl by
pouring them through the opening in
the lid.
8. Soft ice cream will be finished in as little
as 20 minutes. The time will depend on
the recipe and volume of the dessert
you are making. If ingredients are
refrigerated, ice cream making time will
be reduced.
NOTE: You must watch the ice cream to
determine when to dispense. If you wait
too long, ice cream may get too thick to
dispense. If this happens, remove the
bowl, scoop out and enjoy the ice cream.
9. Hold an ice cream cone or bowl one
inch below the ice cream chute and pull
down the handle to dispense the soft ice
cream. Turn cup or bowl as you dispense
to swirl ice cream.
10. Pull out one, two or all three condiment
dispen sing levers to add the mix-ins
of your choice into your soft ice cream
or dessert. To stop the flow of mix-ins,
push in the dispensing levers.
11. When finished filling the cone or bowl,
push the handle back up to stop the
flow of ice cream.
NOTES: Some liquid may initially come
out of the dispensing bracket when the
handle is first pulled down. Use a cup to
collect this liquid, then proceed with
filling the first bowl or cone.
Do not store frozen desserts in the
freezer bowl. Desserts will stick to
the side of the freezer bowl and may
damage the bowl. Store only in an
airtight container.
The ice cream will lose its soft
consistency and harden after it is
stored in the freezer.
These items can be found in most well-
stocked grocery stores and specialty
grocery/gourmet food stores.
The location of the items will depend upon
the individual store (for example, some items
will be found near the ice cream and ice
cream cones while others may be found in
the baking section).
Mini M&M
Mini chocolate morsels*
Confetti sprinkles
Chocolate sprinkles
Caramel sprinkles
Praline crunch
Critter crunch or other decorative
crunch bits
Almond brickle bits/chips
*NOTE: Do not use full sized M&M
s or
chocolate morsels, they are too large to
dispense. Use the mix-in gauge to make sure
mix-ins are not too large. If they do not fit
through the hole in the gauge, then they will
clog the unit.
The Cuisinart
Mix It In
Soft Serve Ice
Cream Maker is equipped with a safety
feature that automatically stops the unit if the
motor overheats. This may occur if the
dessert is extremely thick or if the unit has
been running for an excessively long period
of time, or if added condiments are too large.
If ice cream is too thick to dispense, remove
the bowl and eat the ice cream.
1. Remove the lid and disconnect the mixing
2. Lift the freezer bowl up and out of the
3. Remove the condiment chute by pulling
it toward you.
4. Remove the dispensing bracket with
handle by pushing the button located on
the center of the face of the dispenser
down and pulling it down and out
towards you.