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Caller ID
Caller ID operation
How caller ID works
If you subscribe to caller ID service provided by your local
telephone company, information about each caller will
start to be displayed between the first and second ring.
The time and date of the call, the caller’s name and
telephone number are included on the display if sent by
the caller’s telephone company. The incoming line of the
call also appears on screen (L2 in the above example). If
two calls come in at the same time, the screen displays
information about both calls:
In certain circumstances, there may be up to a 6-second
delay before the screen displays both caller's information.
Other messages may appear on screen. See Display
screen messages on page 57 for more information.
Caller ID information will remain on the screen for 30
seconds after the telephone stops ringing or until the call
is answered.
If you subscribe to caller ID service, this telephone
automatically resets the time and date each time new call
information is received. You can set the time and date
yourself if desired. (See Set the time and date on page
Caller ID features work only if both you and the caller are in areas
offering Caller ID service, and if both telephone companies use
compatible equipment.
If caller ID information is received while you are programming the
memory, the call information will be stored in call history without
appearing on screen.
Time of call
Date of call
Caller's telephone number
5550123 L1
brown, mary
5550127 L2
Caller's name
on Line 1
Caller's name
on Line 2
Line of call
12 : 08 PM 12/26
5550123 L2
12 : 08 PM 12/26
5550123 L1