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Making Cappuccino
A cappuccino is an espresso coffee with a froth topping made by
heating milk.
Fill a heat resistant container/jug with approximately 3 fl.oz. of
cold milk for each cappuccino or refer to the table (page 10).
The milk should be cold from the refrigerator and semi-
skimmed as this gives the best results.When choosing the con-
tainer bear in mind that the volume of milk will increase 2 or 3
Models without strength selector
1Follow the steps 1-10 in the paragraph "Making Espresso
Note that the amount of water needed to make 2 cups of cap-
puccino is greater than that required for 2 cups of normal cof-
fee as it is also necessary to produce the steam to froth the
2 Place the steam nozzle in the milk ensuring that the nozzle
opening is just under the surface of the milk, as shown in fig. 13
and open the steam valve by turning the steam knob anti-clock-
3Move the jug up and down under the steam nozzle as in fig. 14
(this will give maximum froth).
4Froth the milk until there is sufficient froth, then turn the steam
knob clockwise to close the steam valve.
5 Allow the coffee to drip through the filter holder into the
carafe, it takes about 3 minutes,then switch the appliance OFF.
Warning: always empty the boiler of any residual water or
steam after using the appliance by slowly turning the
steam knob which will release the residual steam.
6Pour the coffee into 2 large cups then gently pour, or preferably
spoon the frothy milk onto the coffee, then sprinkle on a little
chocolate powder for perfect cappuccino coffee.
7 If more cups of cappuccinos are required follow the instructions
above, first ensuring that the boiler has cooled down.
Models fitted with strength selector
1 Follow the steps 1-10 in the paragraph "Making Espresso
For best results the strength selector should be set to “MEDIUM”.
2 Allow the coffee to drip into the jug until it reaches the number
2 marked on the side of the jug, then select "CAPPUCCINO".
Follow steps 2-3 in the paragraph “Models without strength
selector” to froth the milk for cappuccino.
fig. 13
fig. 14
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