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Congratulations on your purchase of this automotive Keyless Entry Upgrade Alarm
System. This system is a state - of - the - art auto security system that is designed
to automatically arm and disarm when it receives a command from your existing
Factory Keyless Entry Transmitter. Taking a few moments to read this manual will
help to ensure that your vehicle is protected at all times.
The system has the ability to beep the vehicle's horn, sound a siren, or both. Where
a beep or chirp is mentioned, consider either or both may sound.
1. Turn the ignition key off, exit the vehicle, and close all doors.
2. Press and release the Lock button on the keychain transmitter.
3. The siren and or horn will beep one time, the parking lamps will flash one time,
and the red dash mounted LED will begin to slowly flash, indicating that the
system is ARMED.
If the siren/horn
sounds 3 chirps, then you have left a door, trunk, or hood
lid ajar. Simply close the opened entry point to provide full protection. If
the siren "chirped" three times, sometime after arming, the exclusive
delayed dome light learn circuit has been programmed and the system
detected a open entry point after the learned delay expired. Again, clos-
ing the hood, trunk, or doors will correct the problem and you do not need
to disarm the system to make the correction. If the siren/horn did not
sound when arming, then the chirps have been turned off, and you should
refer to the section titled “ ELIMINATING THE ARM / DISARM CHIRPS “ in
this manual.
Any time the door lock switch in the vehicle is used to lock the doors while
the ignition key is turned off, the system will immediately arm. To lock the doors
after entering the vehicle,
make sure the ignition key is switched on first.
Turning the ignition key on first will stop the system from arming.
1. Turn the ignition key off, exit the vehicle, and close all doors.
2. The dash mounted LED will begin to flash rapidly, indicating that the system
is automatically ( passively ) arming. As an added convenience, the 30
second automatic passive arming will not begin until all doors are closed,
allowing passengers to exit the vehicle at their convenience.
Model PRO 9233N