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Vibration Sensor (NBES0306)
Installation Instructions
Vibration sensor with 3.65-m (12-ft)
cable (1)
22-mm (7/8-in) hook and loop
fastener (1)
203-mm (8-in) tie wrap (10)
Adhesive cable tie holder (5) RJ-45 coupling (1)
Caution: Make sure you connect this
sensor to a Sensor port on applicable
NetBotz products. See your NetBotz
product documentation for details.
Note: The typical location for the vibration
sensor is on a main support in the top half of
the enclosure. Avoid installing the sensor
near a cooling unit, which could cause the
sensor to give false alarms.
Note: You can extend the length of the
sensor cable up to 30.5 m (100 ft) using the
RJ-45 coupling and standard CAT-5 cabling.