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C 1000 S
Condenser Microphone
The AKG Model C 1000 S gradient condenser microphone
uses a low noise pre-polarized backplate (electret) and is
ideal for a variety of recording and sound reinforcement
applications. Its polar pattern can be quickly converted from
cardioid to hypercardioid by placing an acoustical converter
over the end of the microphone capsule; this has virtually no
effect on the on-axis response of the microphone. The on-
axis response of the C 1000 S has a gentle (-6 db/octave)
roll-off below 200 Hz which has been tailored for the normal
close-in use of cardioid and hypercardioid microphones in
studio recording and sound reinforcement applications. The
microphone may thus be used in close-in application with no
need for further equalization. The C 1000 S may be powered
by a 9-volt battery or by phantom powering over a range
from 9 to 52 Vdc. The included PPC 1000 Polar Pattern
Converter allows quick changeover from cardioid to
hypercardioid. A silent on/off switch is recessed to prevent
inadvertent shut-off. The included Presence Boost Adapter
piece PB 1000 creates an emphasis of the higher frequencies
from 5 to 9 kHz by about 3 to 5 dB, which not only improves
the transmission of sibilances but may be also advantageous
when recording instruments requiring greater high frequency
content in their audio spectrum.
Extended low and high frequency
response, tailored for close
proximity to sound sources
Operates on 9 volt battery or
phantom power (9 to 52 Vdc)
High acoustic level capability
(137 dB-SPL for 1.0 % THD)
PPC 1000 – Polar Pattern Converter
from cardioid to hypercardioid polar
PB 1000 – Presence Boost Adapter
for increased intelligibility +3 to 5 dB
at 5 to 9 kHz
Transducer Principle: Gradient pre-polarized
Frequency Response: 5020,000 Hz (see family of
response curves)
Polar Pattern: Cardioid or hypercardioid
Equivalent Noise Level: 20 dB-A
Sensitivity at 1,000 Hz:
6 mV/Pa =
-45 dBV
Sound Pressure Level at 1% THD:
137 dB (145 dB for 3% THD)
S/N Ratio (A-weighted): 74 dB
Electr. Impedance: 200 ohms
Load Impedance: 2,000 ohms
Power Requirement: Phantom powering, nominal
9-52 Vdc or 9 V battery
Connector: 3-pin XLR type
Finish: Matte dark gray metallic enamel
Size: Dia 1.3 in. (39 mm),
Length 8.7 in. (220 mm)
Net/Shipping Weight: 9.7 oz. (276 g)/1.8 lbs. (820 g)
Included Accessories: SA 43 Stand adapter
W 1000 Windscreen,
PPC 1000 Polar pattern converter
PB 1000 Presence boost adapter
Optional Accessories: N 62 AC Power supply